Rules & Regs

From here on in the organiser refers to Pole Expressions
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The competitor is the person applying to compete in the Pole Expressions competition.

1.    General

a.    Amateur Entry – open to anyone who has never competed in a semi-professional or professional competition, or placed top 3 in an Amateur category competition – including graded and ungraded competitions, within Australia within the last 5 years.
b.    True Blue Amateur Entry – open to anyone who has never competed in a Regional, State or National Pole Competition (in house Studio Competitions not included).
c.    Competitor must reside and train in Queensland
d.    Entry Fees are not refundable
e.    Competitors may enter more than one division
f.    Competitors must comply at all times with the competition rules and regulations.
g.    Competitor must be 18 years or older to enter Pole Expressions Amateur.  Pole Expressions Beginner and Intermediate competitions are open to all ages
h.    Application can only be submitted by the competitor
i.    The organiser reserves the right to change the rules at any time
j.    The winning title is held for approximately 12 months until the next competition where the title is handed over to the new winner.

2.    Performance
a.    A competitor performs at their own risk, the organiser is not liable for any  injury or damage caused from participating in this competition.
b.    Performance must be no longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds long
c.    All props must be approved by the Organiser – Props must be able to be set up and packed up (including all clean up) within 60 seconds
d.    Competitors must not be under the influence of drugs or alchohol at any time directly prior or during the competition.
e.    Any type of footwear is allowed, including boots and bare feet.
f.     Gloves are allowed
g.     Approved Grip Aids are Dry Hands, Tite Grip, Mighty Grip, Girlie Grip, No Sweat, Griptinite, Dancing Dust and Koala Grip. Grip Aids can only be applied to the body, there will be no grip aids applied to the pole.
h.     Please refer to Judging Criteria for specifics

3.    Photography and Film
a.    All photography remains the property of Pole Expressions.
b.    The competitor has no rights to compensation for photography or other footage taken throughout the duration of the rehearsals and competition.

4.    Poles
a.    2 x 40mm Brass Xpoles
b.    Spinning pole is stage left, static pole stage right for Open, Classic and Story Divisions
c.    Poles as per request for Group Division
d.    Poles with be approximately 3 metres a part
e.    Poles are approximately 3.2 metres high

5.    Costumes
a.    Nudity is not allowed
b.    Pasties are not allowed
c.    Costumes must provide good coverage of all private areas.

6.    Music
a.    Profanity is not allowed in the music (radio edit or clean version).  Here is an example:
b.    Music must be supplied in full as one piece
c.    Competitors must supply their music to the Organisers at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
d.    The same song may not be the same used more than once within the  competition. Preference will be given to the first person who submitted their  song choice.

7.    Judging (video and live competition)
a.    The judges decision is final
b.    Competitors must not talk to the judges throughout the competition
c.     Scores and feedback will be provided by request after the competition
d.     A Winner will be announced from each Division

8. Video Entry
a.   Video must be no more than 6 months old
b.   Video must be between 2-4 minutes long