Beginner and Intermediate Competition

We are excited to offer a competition for beginner and intermediate level pole dancers!!

The divisions will be the same as used for the Pole Expressions competition.  Scoring is based on the Pole Expressions criteria, with an emphasis on execution of tricks.  Pole dancers of all ages are encouraged to apply.


Who we expect to see in the beginner competitors:

  • Pole dancers with less than two years experience in pole dancing, no previous pole competition experience and do not have a background in dance, gymnastics, acrobatic, circus etc. First timers are highly encouraged to participate in this category.

Beginners guidelines:

  • 3 points of contact required on the pole when inverted (Eg – butterfly permitted, Ayesha and iguana not permitted)
  • Inversions passing through inverted V position are permitted from the floor only
  • Drops – from the pole not permitted – upright drops from high to low on pole permitted – with head up and bottom down (eg ball drop permitted, crucifix drop not permitted)
  • Flips are not permitted in the beginner category – on and/or off the pole (Walkover type entries and exits are permitted)
  • Flexibility moves – beginner level flexibility moves should be highlighted in this category
  • Shouldermount positions not permitted in this category
  • Entrants in this category should focus on amazing execution of foundational tricks

Move suggestions:

  • Straddles (side V) etc with hands on
  • Ballerina
  • Chopstick
  • Reiko split
  • Jade
  • Cupid
  • Teddy
  • Superman
  • Spins – 2 hands on the pole
  • Pole assisted handstands


Who we expect to see in the intermediate competitors:

  • Pole dancers with an intermediate level of pole dance training and/or entrants who have background in dance, gymnastics, acrobatic, circus etc. Entrants may have some competition experience via in-house studio competitions and/or pole expressions beginner divisions.

Intermediate guidelines:

  • Basic ayeshas, iguana and handsprings are permitted in this category from the floor (aerial handspring and flags from these positions are considered advanced and not permitted)
  • Drops in an inverted position are permitted (eg – crucifx drop, jade drop)
  • Advanced flips (and dynamic moves) are not permitted (eg – fonji, saltos)
  • Advanced flexibility moves are not permitted in this category (eg – bird of paradise, rainbow marchenko)
  • Shoulder mount shapes are permitted from the floor
  • Entrants in this category should focus on amazing execution of intermediate tricks


The guidelines help entrants select which category they are best suited to.  If you have queries regarding specific moves permitted in a particular level please email  Glenda at with a video and explanation of the move and which level you are considering entering.



Pole Expressions Beginner and Intermediate

Saturday April 1st 2022 – 12.30pm


Important dates:

Registrations open: Friday December 10th 2021

Registrations close: Midnight Friday January 7th 2022

Finalists announced: Friday January 21st 2022


Application fee – $30 per entry

Successful applicants will be announced via email and our social media platforms.


Video Requirements

Your video entry should display the division you are entering. For example, if you are applying for the Classic division then the video should display a sexy routine rather than a video full of dynamic tricks. If applying for the story division, the video must display reference to a story, and a short written description.  Applicants are highly encouraged to demonstrate use of both spin and static poles.  Stage poles are suitable for video submissions.

Your video should be 2-4 minutes long.

It must be one video, no cuts.

Please upload your video to youtube, vimeo or similar platform and then provide us the URL to it, do not try and email the video to us.

Your video must be less than 6 months old.

The quality of the video may affect you chances. Make sure its not too dark, we need to see your face and facial expressions.

One entry and video per category