Evgeny and Kira Workshops

All workshops $120

For anyone that doesn’t know who Kira and Evgeny are, they are INCREDIBLY talented pole artists from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Kira Noire started pole dancing in 2008 at Trash Pole Dance Studio. She doesn’t has any gymnastic or professional dance background, but she has a huge passion for pole.


After 2 years of practicing she started to teach at Trash PDS and compete in Russia, then in Europe and now Internationally. In 2015 she began work in doubles with Evgeny Greshilov. In 2017 they started to work at the biggest Russian dance-circus show in Leningrad Center as pole artists.

Her brightest awards are:

  • Winner of Pole Classic 2016 by Pole Expo, Las Vegas
  • 2nd place at «Exotic Generation» championship 2016, Moscow
  • Ultimate Champion at International Pole Championship IPC 2015 in double category, Hong Kong
  • Winner of Pole Art Cyprus 2014
  • Finalist of International Pole Championship IPC 2013, Singapore
  • Winner and Miss Attitude of Battle of the Pole 2013, Stockholm

Evgeny Greshilov is a pole dance & fitness artist, founder & co-owner online school Open Dance Academy.


Pole Dance & Fitness Achievements:

• 3 time World Pole champion

• 7 time International Pole champion

• Pole Theatre Greece – Overall Pro winner – 2017 • IPC – Ultimate champion – 2015

• Pole Art – Man champion – 2013

• IPSF – Gold medal – 2012

Evgeny has been working as an aerial performer, dancer and choreographer over 10 years.

He is currently traveling around the world, doing workshops, showcases and judging pole championships.

Evgeny has been working as a pole videographer & photographer since 2013.


Leda Drive Burleigh Heads


12pm: Evgeny Pole Choreography (90min)
This lesson based on Contemporary dance style. A quick warm-up and stretching will be as a beginning and then we will immerse into choreography. We are mostly going to focus our attention on pole “dancing”. We will learn a combination on, off & around the pole. Our aims are to improve dance skills, musicality and have fun =)
Here are some links for an example:
Difficulty: all levels.
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2pm: Kira Noire Crazy Russian Pole (90 min)
All about flips, flights, drops, crazy transitions and my favourite extremal combos. How to make it dynamically, big, wide and impressive. But first of all how to make it safe and how to make easy look hard =)
Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced


10am: Kira Noire Russian Exotic (90min)
My signature choreography on heels. It’s not only a sensual expression, but also a lot of specific techniques, interesting floor transitions and small details of execution. Sing the song with your body.
Difficulty: all levels.

12noon: Evgeny Tricks and Transitions (90 min)
This class is focused on signature tricks, creative transitions and unique combos on the pole. Different types of the spins from graceful and elegance to powerful and innovative. Acrobatic stunts from Chinese pole techniques and of course strength tricks. Detailed explanation of the technical aspects of their execution and the practice time with supporting. Difficulty: all levels.
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Brereton Street, West End

SUNDAY 31st MARCH, 2019

10am: Kira – Pole Choreography (90 min)
A mix of different dance styles: floor work, low tricks, musicality, emotions. Twist it all around the pole to express ourselves and get creative. “If something doesn’t let you move on, just dance it out.”
Bookings can be made here https://www.trybooking.com/BACZS

12NOON: Kira – Crazy Russian Pole (90 min)
All about flips, airtime, drops, crazy transitions and Kira’s favourite extreme combos. Learn how to make it dynamic, big, wide and impressive. But first of all, how to make it safe and (tssssss) how to make easy look hard 😉
Bookings can be made here https://www.trybooking.com/BACZS

1.30PM: Evgeny – Power Pole (90 min)
In this workshop, we are going to learn powerful tricks, transitions & combos. Some tricks may only look impossible, but if execute them in the correct way, master the technique and the relevant conditioning exercises you can get them with no doubts. Believe in yourself, improve your strength and find your own way to get what seems unachievable.
Difficulty: All Levels
Bookings can be made here https://www.trybooking.com/BACZS

3.15PM: Evgeny – Pole Art (90 min)
Pole Art is one of the mainstream styles in pole competitions and is a distinctive style in itself. In this workshop, we will learn tricks, combine them in a combo and will execute everything with music, according to art criteria. Dance, tricks and quality of the execution in the same time.
Difficulty: All levels.
Bookings can be made here https://www.trybooking.com/BACZS