Divisions & Criteria

3 Divisions open to Men and Women

Open – Tricks, transitions and dance
Classic Pole Expression – Sexy style, must wear heels and take a piece of clothing off (must be an item of clothing, not an accessory – eg a mask)
Pole Story Express – Convey a story through your performance

in the following levels

Amateur Entry – open to anyone who has never competed in a semi-professional or professional division, or placed top 3 in an Amateur division competition – including graded and ungraded competitions, within Australia within the last 5 years.
True Blue Amateur Entry – open to anyone who has never competed in a Regional, State or National Pole Competition (in house Studio Competitions not included).




Pole Tricks:

Tricks are scored on the overall difficulty, variety and execution. Routines must include a range of tricks demonstrating strength and flexibility. The trick isn’t just the final figure, judging also includes entry and exits of tricks. Both the spin and static poles must be utilised.



Movement is scored on demonstration of strong lines, full extensions and fluidity of movement on and off the pole. Consistency of movement style while performing tricks, transitions and floorwork, ensuring that the style isn’t lost when performing tricks.  Clean lines for knees, toes and arms.


Off the pole:

Off the pole is scored on the difficulty, variety and execution of the dance and floorwork components in the routine. This includes transitions on and off the pole.  Judges are looking for dance, acrobatic element and expression.



Presentation is scored on the costume and musicality.

Costume: must add value to the performance and assist in setting the theme/ telling the story of the performance.

Musicality: the music was used effectively with the movements and tricks in the routine and used to add highs and lows to the performance.



Performance is scored based on your energy on stage. Stage Presence / Audience Engagement – refers to your “X-factor” on stage and how you entertain and engage with the audience


Classic Division :

The specific additional judging criteria for exotic is the incorporation of sensual movement both on and off the pole.  Applicants in this division must remove at least one piece of clothing (not an accessory – eg an eye mask) and must wear high heels.

There will be no penalty during the video judging for not removing a piece of clothing, however penalties will apply if not adhered to for the live competition.


Story Division: 

The specific additional judging criteria for the story division is the ability to effectively convey a story through your movement and acting. A story is more than a theme and the words of the music. The music should be used to aid your story telling not tell the story. The story must be told through your expression, movement, pole work and costume. Successful finalists will be able to provide a short (250 words) written summary for the live competition. Video entry judging – will include this criteria.

Human props are permitted in the story division for a maximum of 30 seconds.  Human props are not permitted to touch the poles. Penalties will apply if not adhered to for the live competition



5 points will be deduced in the Classic and Story division if the category specific criteria is not adhered to