Competitor Registration


SAVE THE DATE! Pole Expressions will be held at the Schonell Theatre on April 10th 2021, Building 21 Complex, Union, Union Rd, St Lucia QLD 4072


Video entries open – Saturday November 28th 2020

Registrations close – Midnight Saturday December 26th 2020

Successful applicants notified – Saturday January 9th 2021


Video Requirements

Your video entry should display the category you are entering. For example, if you are applying for the Classic category then the video should display a sexy routine rather than a video full of dynamic tricks. If applying for the story division, the video must display reference to a story, and a short written description.  Applicants are highly encouraged to demonstrate use of both spin and static poles.  Stage poles are suitable for video submissions.

Your video should be 2-4 minutes long.

It must be one video, no cuts.

Please upload your video to youtube, vimeo or similar platform and then provide us the URL to it, do not try and email the video to us.

Your video must be less than 6 months old.

The quality of the video may affect you chances. Make sure its not too dark, we need to see your face and facial expressions.

One entry and video per category

Entry Level

Amateur Entry – open to anyone who has never competed in a semi-professional or professional division, or placed top 3 in an Amateur division competition – including graded and ungraded competitions, within Australia within the last 5 years.  EG – if you have placed in Regional Queensland Pole Competition or Pole Expressions in the past as a solo, you are unable to enter as a solo again.

True Blue Amateur Division Entry – open to anyone who has never competed in a Regional, State or National Pole Competition (in house Studio Competitions not included).

** Competitors who were awarded a top 3 place in Pole Expressions 2020

are still able to enter either Amateur or True Blue divisions **

Please note: Finalists in the Amateur and True Blue Amateur will be competing against each other equally at the competition.

If you are unsure about anything before you enter please contact us first.