2020 Workshops

We are so excited to be able to have workshops in 2020!

Which ones will you choose??


Hanger 66 – 2/24 Brereton St, South Brisbane

           9.30am – Pole Grooves with Chilli

11.15am – Static and Dynamic with Megan B

1.00pm – Baby Got Back with Megan B


All 90 min duration

Workshop Descriptions:


Static and Dynamic – static pole and dynamic tricks are Megan’s two most favourite things when it comes to pole dancing!! Come and learn some fearless dynamic combos that incorporate flips, drops, catches and grip changes as well as learning how to

create movement and spin on a static pole.  High intermediate to advance level.  $70



Baby Got Back – is all about learning pretty shapes that require some back flex on spin pole. Come and “loosen up” with Megan B, learn some stretches and some pretty back bend shapes and combos.  Superman and invert required, shoulder mount is a plus.  $70



Pole Grooves – is a fun sexy 90min routine incorporating dance moves, floor work and interesting choreography based around the pole.  ALL levels welcome including beginners.  $60